Tony Robbins on NMN Supplementation - Top Takeaways

“Aging is a disease that is the mother of all health problems we get'', said Tony Robbins in Jake Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. “You know I am 60 chronologically but 51 biochemically”, he added. And then, he goes on to explain various trials that show the anti-ageing potential of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).

The NMN is a precursor to NAD+ — a critical coenzyme involved in hundreds of metabolic processes in your body. NAD+ therapy has been very promising in longevity and preventing age-related degenerative disorders.

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“NMN Does Wonders,” Says Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins starts with an example of his friend, Dr David Sinclair’s 80 years old father. The old man could barely walk since he was 70 and had lost his cognitive capacity. But Dr Sinclair transformed him with NMN, NAD+ and a couple of other tools. Surprisingly, his father now walks two to three miles daily, and his cognition returned.

“Dr Sinclair and his colleagues did a similar experiment with old mice,” said Tony Robbins, “that could barely run one-quarter of a kilometre on a ramp”. “To their surprise, after 14 days of NMN supplementation, the mice would run two to three kilometres, 200 to 300 percent more than the youngest and strongest mice.

“Likewise, a company developed a synthetic form of the NMN”, added Tony Robbins. “ The company had been working with our military’s special forces for two years and the commander said they had similar results like the mice”. “Endurance had exploded, muscle strength improved even with the same workout and cognition went over the rooftop in both male and female soldiers”, explained Tony Robbins.

How NMN Works

Tony Robbins explained further that our DNA is not our destiny; instead, what genes get turned on and off. And this is where our epigenome — the set of modifications that regulate which gene gets turned on or off — becomes essential. What’s more, our behaviour like diet, exercise, sleep, the chemicals we take in and the environment like radiation and infectious diseases often lead to changes in our epigenomes.


While epigenome was a well-understood concept, Dr Sinclair and his colleagues discovered something new — i.e., proteins called sirtuins. And sirtuins perform crucial functions like turning off and on genes that determine whether you age faster or slower and affecting the epigenome. In addition, sirtuins also reduce inflammation and affect the mitochondria — the cell's powerhouse. Furthermore, sirtuins also repair DNA, especially during the 50s or 60s when you have accumulated a lot of DNA damage.

“But the sirtuins require a fuel called NAD+,” said Tony Robbins, “and NAD+ requires NMN as precursor”. “ However, the problem is NAD+ and NMN drop off the cliff in your late 40s to 50s by at least 50 percent”, added Tony Robbins. But instead of NAD+, Dr Sinclair and his colleagues tried NMN supplementation, and the results were terrific. Even though NAD+ therapy is beneficial, NMN supplementation is one step ahead.

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